GOOD LUCK at STATE MHS Volleyball!

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October 27 - November 01

CONGRATULATIONS to our MHS Lady Buffalo Volleyball team, you are STATE BOUND! Our girls competed in their Sub-State tournament Saturday.  For the first round of play the Lady Buffs took on Oakley where they scored a win in just two games (7, 5).  Next up for our girls were the Lady Larks from Sublette.  That match ended up being a quick win too as our girls won at 7 and 13.  The two wins put us in the finals . . . read more

Oct 26, 2014

MES/MJH Announces First Term Academic Honors

MES/MJH is pleased to announce the 5th through 8th grade students achieving academic Honors and High Honors.  Students receiving Honors have earned all As and Bs on their first term grade card.  High Honor students have earned all As for the term.  Congratulations to our MES/MJH Honors and High Honors students!   . . . read more

Oct 23, 2014

Musical Happenings

Our MHS 2014-15 music department is in full swing and gearing up for another great year.  Under the direction of Mr. Klaker and Mrs. Hewitt, our students will showcase their musical and acting talents with their performance of "The Wizard of Oz".   Join the us as Dorothy (Rainna Reimer) goes in search of the Wizard of . . . read more

Sep 15, 2014