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MES/MJH 2nd Term and 1st Semester Academic Honors

MES/MJH is pleased to announce the students in 5th-8th grade achieving Academic High Honors and Honors for the second term and first semester of the 2017-18 school year.  Students earning all A's are awarded Academic High Honor status.  Those students earning all A's and B's are awarded Academic Honors status.

2nd Term Academic High Honors   2nd Term Academic Honors     1st Semester Academic High Honors   1st Semester Academic Honors  
Maya Doney 5 Makenzie Cupell 5   Maya Doney 5 Makenzie Cupell


Tayte Flavin   Easton Goff     Tayte Flavin   Easton Goff


Ethan Friesen   Jace Jones     Ethan Friesen   Alek Holguin


Alek Holguin   Kenyon Knavel     Walker Koons   Jace Jones


Walker Koons   Leah Looney     Charity Powell   Kenyon Knavel


Charity Powell   Johnny McAtee     Benn Schnelle   Leah Looney


Benn Schnelle   Lane Paul     Harrison Bachman 6 Johnny McAtee


Dallas Sherman   Michael Pulkrabek     Liz Hawley   Lane Paul


Harrison Bachman 6 Sam Rickard     Logan Keith   Sam Rickard


Bradon Bird   Hayden Sions     Holly Reimer   Dallas Sherman


Susie Driedger   Jacob Tignor     Paige Sions   Bradon Bird


Scott Eisel   Ivy Davis 6   Alyssa Gipson 7 Ivy Davis


Kynlee Flavin   Drake Ediger     Kela Schnelle   Susie Driedger


Liz Hawley   Lauren Goff     Kinzey Wilhelm   Drake Ediger


Logan Keith   Brock Keith     Shelby Christensen 8 Scott Eisel


Vincent Lynn   Carlie Martin     Korben Clawson   Kynlee Flavin


Holly Reimer   Cole Papay     Melia Friesen   Lauren Goff


Paige Sions   Andrea Ramirez     Michala Goff   Brock Keith


Lily Viney   Trent Roberts     Zach Hawley   Vincent Lynn


Alyssa Gipson 7 Alan Rodarmel     Joshua Hughes   Carlie Martin


Kela Schnelle   Kayla Sommer     Myles Kelsay 8 Andrea Ramirez


Kinzey Wilhelm   Ryan Urquidez     Cheyenne Meairs   Trent Roberts


Shelby Christensen

8 Cayden Fox 7   Allie Miller   Alan Rodarmel


Korben Clawson

  Andrew Martin     Steve Pi   Kayla Sommer


Melia Friesen   Emberlynn Miller     Meagan Reimer   Lily Viney


Michala Goff   Brayden Norris     Kylin Rudzik   Cayden Fox


Zach Hawley   Harley Norris     Ian Unruh   Andrew Martin


Joshua Hughes   Brady Papay     Kiana Unruh   Emberlynn Miller


Myles Kelsay   Lexie Potter     Zack Volden   Braydon Norris


Cheyenne Meairs   Kayla Rocha         Harley Norris


Allie Miller   Kyra Shewey         Brady Papay


Steve Pi   Grayden Stapleton         Lexie Potter


Meagan Reimer   Emily Flowers 8       Kayla Rocha


Lily Ritter   Carson Godfrey         Kyra Shewey


Kylin Rudzik   Hayden Golliher         Grayden Stapleton


Ian Unruh   Trace Hegwood         Carson Godfrey


Kiana Unruh   April Hough         Hayden Golliher


Zach Volden   Caleb Howard         Trace Hegwood


    Konner Jones         April Hough


    Giselle Mercado         Caleb Howard


    Brian Reimer         Konner Jones


    Haley Thompson         Giselle Mercado


              Brian Reimer


              Lily Ritter


              Haley Thompson


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