KSDE Sets Guidelines for School Snacking

KSDE has set new vending policies for Kansas schools. The goal is to encourage parents to provide healthy snack options for students during school hours. Although not mandated by the KSDE, healthy options for birthday parties, holiday parties, and for good luck locker notes is the goal. Parents, coaches, and teachers are asked to reference the lists below and provide only approved snacks for students while at school. These snack items meet the nutritional guidelines from KSDE and can be "vended" (sold) to all students during school.

Please Understand: 

Please understand that what parents choose to send in a child's lunch or for a ball game snack/meal does not fall under this policy. In addition, this new policy does not effect concessions sold during school events. If you have any questions feel free to contact Kenneth Harshberger, USD 226 Superintendent, at 620.873.2081.