MES/MJH Bullying Report Form

If you have a bullying incident to report we encourage you to contact Mr. Flavin, MES/MJH Principal, as soon as possible. Please feel free to call the MES/MJH office at 620.873.2671 to schedule a time to discuss your concerns with Mr. Flavin. You may also email him at flavint@usd226.org with your concerns.

Please be sure to include in your email:

  • your name
  • the date and approximate time the bullying took place
  • where the bullying took place - hallway, locker room, classroom, playground, internet, outside of the school day
  • type of bullying - physical, emotional, verbal, cyber
  • identify the bully, the target, and any bystanders
  • describe what happened using as much detail as possible
  • any adult you to which you have already reported the incident